Introducing a New Capacity-based Pricing Model

Mar 13, 2024 ~ 5 min read


We've always admired the AWS capacity-based pricing model for its flexibility. It doesn't demand a large upfront investment, allowing spend to scale with usage and value.

New On-Demand Edition

Due to repeated feedback from our community, we've introduced a new ON-DEMAND pricing model for Kubeshark. This model is specifically designed for on-demand scenarios like debugging and problem-solving.

Inspired by API security solutions, this model meters API calls processed by Kubeshark. An API call refers to any protocol-level message captured, dissected, and reassembled by Kubeshark.

This model supports a variety of use cases:

- Non-commercial and small-scale workloads
- Those evaluating Kubeshark's capabilities
- Users employing Kubeshark for network observability in substantial workloads

Non-commercial & Small Workloads

Non-commercial entities and those with small workloads, such as development and testing, can benefit from the COMMUNITY edition. This version offers unlimited API call capacity for clusters up to two nodes and a monthly renewing, limited API call capacity for larger clusters.

Free Trial

New users can explore Kubeshark's fit for their needs with a one-time free trial featuring ample API capacity, transitioning to metered billing upon trial completion.

Metered Billing

Post-trial, users are billed monthly based on the capacity used during the billing period. Our plans come with a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy.

Enterprise Edition

For users requiring budget predictability or handling significant workloads, we offer fixed-price plans for unlimited and unmetered usage.

Visit our pricing page for more details and specific figures.

Code Transparency & Open Source

Kubeshark's codebase is fully open for inspection and modification by authenticated and approved users under the BSL 1.1 license terms. While we allow the freedom to view, use, and modify the code similar to traditional open-source licenses, commercial use is reasonably restricted for a specified period, fostering project growth and resource accumulation.

Introductory prices are significantly discounted and subject to future changes. Subscribe now or contact us to lock in your discounted rates.